Virus: in an Indian village, the walls are notebooks for students without school

Solapur (India) (AFP) - Teachers in a rural town in India, whose school has closed due to the coronavirus raging in the country, have found how to teach their students stranded at home and deprived of computers or cell phones: paint the courtyards on the walls.

In March, the virus forced the Asha Marathi Vidyalaya public school to close in Nilamnagar, which has a population of some 30,000, near the city of Solapur (Maharashtra state, west).Teachers immediately wondered how their students, mostly from poor families who can barely secure enough to eat, could take online courses.

"As most families do not have the means to educate their children with digital tools, we had to look for an innovative method to avoid dropping out of school," Ram Gaikwad, a 47-year-old teacher told AFP..

He and his colleagues observe as most of the students spend their days outside playing, and they decide to ask the residents to use the walls of their houses as notebooks.

The project started a month ago and illustrated courses for math, science, English or Marathi (the local language) have already been painted on 250 walls by a local artist.

The open-air classes are aimed at a total of 1,700 pupils, aged between six and 16, who come each day in turn in small groups in front of these frescoes, sitting or standing, they take notes.

On a wall faded by the sun are displayed images of objects beginning with the letter "s", under the instruction "watch, listen and repeat".

"When my mother sends me to buy milk, I walk through the village and look at the lessons on the walls," said 13-year-old Yashwant Anjalakar.The teenager, whose parents work as laborers in a factory, has no access to the internet and this is the only possibility for him to continue studying.

Posted Date: 2020-09-08

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