Buying a house in France: how much does it cost?

Buying a home: the dream of home buyers

Buying a house is a dream for many buyers. Living without neighbours upstairs, with more space and a garden is one of the advantages sought by buyers. Often a sign of social success, the detached house is a property whose price varies according to many criteria: location, surface area, equipment, size of garden, condition, etc..In the Ile-de-France region, for example, the average price of a house is 319,000 euros, an average that hides significant regional disparities. We saw this in our article on houses in the suburbs at the price of a Parisian apartment. The same is true on a national scale.

Moving away from big cities to buy a house on the outskirts of town

According to a study carried out by Figaro Immo with Cadremploi, many executives want to move away from large conurbations, facilitated by the development of telecommuting, to take advantage of greener cities is one of the post-confinement trends to be closely monitored. Indeed, according to a study carried out by Figaro Immo with Cadremploi, many executives want to move to enjoy a more pleasant living environment and buy a property at a more affordable price. A way to make a better compromise between the professional city and personal life.

Angoulême, Poitiers and Quimper in the list of cities to settle in

The most attractive cities (particularly in terms of jobs, property prices, sunshine and unemployment rates) are located between 2 and 3 hours by TGV from Paris, and the winning trio in our list of cities where you can live green is Angoulême, Poitiers and Quimper.

House prices in the old country on the rise

According to the Notaires de France, the average price of a house in France has increased by 3.9% at the end of March 2020 and by 10.1% in 5 years.a sign of the attractiveness of stone, and particularly of old-style houses, for buyers. Average house prices differ from one region and city to another.

How do I know the right price for a house?

Moreover, estimating the price of a house is not limited to the average price in a city, nor to the average increase observed there.the estimate of the fair price is calculated, among other things, by the tension between supply and demand, its condition, its dependencies, its environment, etc.A good indicator to know the price of houses to be completed with the DVF database of Bercy which lists all property sales over 5 years and allows you to know the selling prices in your street or the street where you want to buy.

What is the average price of a house per city?

According to the sales made in France, it takes on average a budget of more than 150 000 euros to buy a house in the big cities.sum which can double or even triple depending on the city.thus, buying a house in Lille costs on average 193 000 euros when you have to pay 400 000 euros for a house in Toulon.

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